Fargo HDP5600

Fargo HDP5600

Excellence in Quality Imagery
Ideal for organizations that need high definition ID cards, the Fargo HDP5600 and its 600 dpi printing options are difficult to beat. The outcome is superior text and imagery that pops with vibrant colors allowing for quick and easy recognition. The HDP5600 is an ideal fit for government agencies, academic institutions, large corporations and healthcare facilities in need of re-transfer technology for mass use. Moreover, it offers up to 16.7 million colors and 256 shades per pixel.

Ready for Action
With the Fargo HDP5600, you’ll have a printhead that is guaranteed for life. Because the printhead never comes into contact with the card surface, the risk of collecting debris or inflicting damage on itself is minimized. This means less downtime and more productivity with a printer you can trust. The HDP5600 offers HDP Dye-Sublimation and Resin Thermal Transfer printing.

Elite Printing Speeds

The HDP5600 brings enhanced imagery without sacrificing speed. This printer can print up to 150 cards per hour (YMC with transfer) and 90 cards per hour (YMCKK with transfer.)

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