As a pre-MBA or recent graduate, getting your dream job is no easy task. After you’ve submitted your resume, passed initial screenings, and landed an interview, there are a variety of questions that you will be asked about your work experience, background and expertise. One of the most important interviews you’ll get is with an investor, who will decide whether or not to invest in your business idea. see post Being prepared for these interviews can help you ace your interview and gain the money you require to make your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur a reality.

What size do you see the Market for Your Product?

This question can be a way for the investor to gauge the potential for your company. They’ll ask you to tell them how big the market for your product and service is and how you plan to draw it in. Be sure to be realistic and ambitious with your projections.

What do you think are the most significant risks and challenges for your company?

Investors will be interested in learning what you have planned to do to overcome the challenges. A solid plan for the business’s future will demonstrate your confidence in the ability to expand and make the business successful.

Do some research about the investor prior to interviewing. This will give you a better idea of what their interests are and what type of companies they’ve invested in before and how they like to work with entrepreneurs. You can also find interviews that they have published either online or in print, where they talk about their investing philosophy and what they’re looking for in an organization.

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